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someone who delivers milk

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Secretary Livestock Sohail Akbar Shah directed the Project Director SAGP that maintaining process and coordinated efforts should be ensured so that marking of the project could be increased for the benefit of milk men.
Further action would be taken against the milk men on receipt for laboratory report.
We all still need milk and will buy from the corner shops and milk men.
The Milk men have come through some trying times with their ambitious gamble launching in some of Ulster's darkest days of civil strife but to their eternal credit, they persevered and have been splendidly rewarded.
The business, which employs 400 staff at its Long Lane milk plant in Aintree,also announced an extension to its mail delivery arm with a two-year deal for its milk men to deliver heavier weight mail and packets for Dutch company TNT Mail.
We'vefunded mobile phones for milk men ,because the majority of burglaries are committed between 4amand 6 am when milkmen are out delivering and they can immediately report anything suspicious.
Officers a reappealing to any postal workers or milk men who saw anything to contact Southport CID on 0151-777 3465,or Crimestoppers on 0800-555 111.
Two weeks ago I had to take up the case of the milk men at Harrison's dairy.
POLICE are to disguise themselves as milk men to stop drunken y obs attacking floats on Saturday morning rounds.
POLICE are to disguise themselves as milk men to stop drunken yobs attacking floats on Saturday morning rounds.
The threat by Anfield milk men to stop Saturday deliveries because of attacks by weekend binge drinkers must be taken seriously.