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Synonyms for milk

draw milk from


  • draw milk from
  • express milk from

Words related to milk

a river that rises in the Rockies in northwestern Montana and flows eastward to become a tributary of the Missouri River

take milk from female mammals

exploit as much as possible

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add milk to

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Miller said an International Paper representative told him there's no market for plastics beyond milk jugs and soda and water bottles.
Many actual milk jugs are made of opaque white or yellow plastic, which will block sunlight, and are not a good choice.
They are more popular than ever in Great Britain today amid concerns that plastic milk jugs there are not being recycled at adequate levels.
Next, I showed my classes how to add three-dimensional forms to their milk jug using paper-towel tubes and masking tape.
Typical dairy product packaging, including HDPE systems used in translucent milk jugs, cardboard and plastic-glass systems with shrink sleeves, do little to keep light out of the product and prevent the problem.
I say traditional Welsh guesthouse because on the dining tables we have milk jugs, sugar bowls, marmalade and jam in jars, sauce in bottles and butter in dishes.
You can also cover them with plastic pails or empty milk jugs with the bottoms cut off.
16 x 20" (405 x 60 cm) plywood for base, goggles, disposable rubber gloves, pillowcase, hammer, tile mastic, colored grout, sponges, steel wool, paper towels, gallon-size plastic milk jugs with the top half cut off
Keep those old milk jugs and freeze your ice in them.
s white picket fence is made from recycled plastic milk jugs.
The collection included more than 100 side plates, 50 bowls, 40 bread boards and 24 tea pots, along with 25 milk jugs and 150 tea cups and saucers.
Dairies and shops supply milk jugs in to which the pouch is then placed and then cut open.
This time, producers Dairy Crest - who will also be selling plastic milk jugs which can hold the contents of the bags - hope it will change customers' buying habits.
A multitude of other uses soon followed, including hula-hoops, milk jugs, and plastic toys.
These are combined with such plastics as polypropylene, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and polyvinylchloride (PVC), which are variously found in many consumer goods such as milk jugs, house siding, and plumbing materials.