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the fatty substance of milk from which butter is made

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Milk fat concentration was improved by supplementation of saturated free FA (Table 3, Figure 3, overall; MD = 0.
Milk fat is unique among all the dietary fats for having appreciable amount of short chain fatty acids, which are responsible for typical flavour of milk and milk products.
Milk fat and protein was determined by Gerber (Aggarrwala and Sharma, 1961), and Kjeldahl methods (Davide, 1977), respectively.
Identified functional variants can serve as important markers in future breeding programs for selection of superior river buffaloes with better milk fat content.
The effect of breed, parity, and stage of lactation on conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in milk fat from dairy cows.
It provides a holistic perspective of the market's growth on the basis of types of milk fat and oil such as butter, dairy spreads, and others.
Imports of milk powders, milk cream and milk fat, used as inputs in the dairy sector, reached US $ 696.
A For many years healthy diet recommendations have included the words "low fat" as a descriptor for dairy foods because of the belief that the saturated fats found in milk fat could contribute to heart disease as well as obesity.
The researchers studied the melting properties and polymorphic behavior of binary and ternary blends of cocoa butter substitutes, cocoa butter and milk fat.
Food fats such as lard, olive oil, and milk fat were mostly consumed unrefined in the first half of the 19th century, with their unaltered flavour an attractive characteristic.
Milk fat assessment is necessary both in terms of food technology and in terms of maintaining the nutritional value.
They discovered cheaper analogue cheese - often made with milk by-product casein and vegetable oil, rather than milk fat - in 19 of 20 samples from 15 pizzas.
5 percent milk fat - which is just over half the milk fat content of most traditionally flavored Hgen-Dazs ice creams, so it is actually a bit healthier.
Low-fibre diets supress milk fat production," added Mr Howie.