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Synonyms for carton

Synonyms for carton

the quantity contained in a carton


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a box made of cardboard

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Each student was then given his or her milk carton, which they held upside down--to prevent any glue dripping on them--until it dried completely
The milk cartons go on sale from next week in all 680 stores in the Iceland chain.
Place the bottom part of the milk carton on the bottom part of the ramp.
The design works like this: place a carton inside the unit, insert a specially designed disposable tube into the crew-top opening of the milk carton and close the lid.
Each retrieved milk carton was weighed using a digital scale (Brand name A&D, model EK-1200-G), which was calibrated by researchers prior to each of the four weighing sessions.
He said not to write for the audience he was currently addressing--editors, people so caught up in reading and writing that "we read everything in front of us, even if it's only the small print on the milk carton.
During one unscheduled stop, a passing mechanic checked under the bonnet and asked me to fetch him a pen cartridge, a foot of garden hose, a milk carton and some insulation tape.
My skim milk carton lists palmitate as an ingredient.
She wedged her hips into a plastic milk carton, wearing it like a turtle shell, or squatted inside it, making it her fortress.
Similar to Dean Foods' "Milk Chugs," Nestle's new milk chocolate is packaged in a 16-ounce plastic, resealable bottle and will eventually replace its pint-size milk carton.
Lactomangulation (n): The act of mishandling the "open here" spout on a milk carton so badly that one has to resort to the "illegal" side.
PLEA: Sister Trish Cooper SEARCH: The appeal on milk carton labels MISSING: Golcar man Steven Cooper
I contacted Redcar and Cleveland Council on this, and the council came up trumps with a pilot project to set up a milk carton recovery project for Whitecliffe School which, if successful, could be extended to other schools in the borough.