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Synonyms for Lactarius

large genus of agarics that have white spore and contain a white or milky juice when cut or broken

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Each week for several weeks customers received a different free milk cap with a $15 purchase.
The Times chain hooked up with manufacturers for a milk cap promotion.
Forget continuities and sweepstakes, collectible milk caps, aka POGs, are the latest promotion craze.
But you have to be careful with the saffron milk caps (Lactarius deliciosus)," she adds.
New craze POGS from Waddingtons, involving milk caps, was a sensational success.
For more than half a century Haleakala Dairy was the state's sole producer of the milk caps.
Rather than capitalize directly on milk caps, the dairy prefers to let pogs keep building demand for POG.
Given the success of pogs and their sweet effect on juice sales, however, Bender can't quibble with the corporate philosophy that long ago prompted the dairy to keep making the milk caps.
Up for grabs are five goodie bags, each containing a Hulk Hogan embroidered hat, a WCW watch, WCW milk caps and a WCW Nitro T-shirt.