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a farm where dairy products are produced


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In the milk house, there was a milk-cooling tank with 9000 L capacity and a buffer tank with 1500 L capacity providing service during washing and milk discharge.
So who ever reported me to the health department, thank you for giving me such a blessing, to reuse the milk house, repurposed vintage items and finding a relaxing place for me and others to enjoy.
Murray (2001) evaluated P removal within a vegetative filter strip by observing soil test P and soluble reactive P concentrations in 60 cm (24 in) deep wells for one year in a four year old vegetative filter strip used for treating milk house waste (described below as Farm I).
Are animals wallowing in mud and manure along streams, is silage leachate running down road ditches or do milk house drains discharge into streams?
For members looking to save money on corn and forage seeds, fertilizer, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and a variety of other farm and milk house supplies, the Dairy Direct offers reduced pricing and direct-to-farm delivery.
Despite the heat it throws up into her face, she shivers inside the milk house.
You will, of course, need a sugarhouse; we converted a small shed, formerly a milk house when our place was a small dairy farm, by adding roof vents and a smokestack.
After intense self-training sessions in the dairy's milk house ("We brought in a couch, put on The Beatles and invited all our friends and family," Travis Boersma says) the brothers developed a coffee menu, picked a name, and, with $5,000 in start-up costs at stake, signed a lease for their first Dutch Bros.
It featured two adobe buildings, each 100 feet long and 20 feet wide; a kiln; and a milk house.
There's also the granary, the chicken coop, the hay barn, and the "big barn"; then there's Newberry's barn (when you buy a neighbor's farm his fields and buildings traditionally carry his name ad infinitum); Newberry's milk house, and Newberry's toolshed.
Or just walk among the old buildings: wonderfully weathered but well-kept old barns, a milk house, tack room, and an 1899 ranch house (restoration will begin soon).
The sprawling 220-acre state-of-the-art complex features The Milk House, a 165,000-square-foot field house which seats 5,500 for basketball; the 10,000-seat Champion Stadium ballpark; the Hess Sports Fields, which include multiple baseball, softball and soccer fields; and Jostens Center, a multi-sport field house that opened in 2008.
Eleven dairies across Massachusetts will open their milk house doors Sept.