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Synonyms for militia


Synonyms for militia

the entire body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service

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63) By 1908, this increased support and funding had transformed an unorganized militia into a supported, organized state militia system of 105,000 militiamen.
the decline of the state militia systems in the early Republic--and the
Unfortunately, the militia system foundered on the twin rocks of public apathy and elite dissatisfaction.
Here he blends his reminiscences with stout research on military education, the benefits and deficiencies of the militia system and its training methods, and the reason why old soldiers like him need well-prepared volunteers to make an effective armed force to defend democracy.
So we say in a June 1983 report on the army and militia system.
Though opposed to ending conscription, the essence of the Swiss army of today, the defence minister admitted that if the mandatory military service for Swiss males were to be abolished, the militia system would eventually seize to exist.
Federal Councilor Samuel Schmid, Head of the Department for Defense, Civil Protection and Sport, was all smiles after reviewing the results of the referendum on reforming the Swiss army, saying that the "yes" to streamlining the country's militia system strengthens the security of the nation and its people.