military-industrial complex

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a country's military establishment and the industries that produce arms and other military equipment

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He said that the establishment of this military industrial complex is an important step on the way to make Yemen enter the field of military industry, saying that Yemen maybe can become able to be self-sufficient in manufacturing its needs of arms and ammunition in the foreseeable future, rather than continue to buy and import them.
Like the intercontinental missiles in the sixties, and Star Wars technology in the 1980s, robotic drone warfare is reinventing the military industrial complex of the 21st century.
There is such a deep sense of despair - the war to end all wars leads to a bigger war to end all wars and by the end of both the US has harnessed its economy to the military industrial complex.
In many ways, CA and PSYOP are the low-tech solutions to the low-tech problem, which is the biggest reason why they get so little attention among the military industrial complex, and thus in your magazine.
Americans no longer control their own country; that is being done by the military industrial complex.
Though these deaths are in every respect tragic, dying to increase the bottom lines of the military industrial complex and to control some of the world's largest oil reserves has far less to do with protecting freedom, and far more to do with serving the arrogance and greed of the Bush administration.
He's a wealthy, successful businessman but he's also the Green Goblin, seeking revenge on the military industrial complex that dumps him and his industry.
We began in 1977 as the Investigative Resource Center, a small library in downtown Oakland where activists could do research on corporations, plant closures, the military industrial complex, and foreign policy, especially in Latin America.
Block ever made his way there, he would find it a place that harbors not only the worst of our military industrial complex, but also some of the best, most patriotic and insightful thinkers in the U.
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