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She said: "How did I feel when I was told my late uncle's Military Cross, had been stolen, from Leicester Cathedral?
COURAGE Tuljung Gurung was given Military Cross, right
Rifleman Matthew Wilson won the Military Cross for running to protect a wounded comrade in a deadly game of cat and mouse in which he was shot in the head in Afghanistan
THE MILITARY CROSS The Military Cross is the third-level award for gallantry during active operations on land against the enemy.
The citation for her Military Cross reads: "Ignoring the bullets cutting through the air about her, she calmly moved between each casualty, determined to do all she could to take care of them.
Aa Then, the Director of COSAF Military Sports and Head of the Organizing Committee of the championship gave a speech welcoming heads of participant delegations and runners at the 2nd AGCC Military Cross Country Run Championship.
Elsewhere Military Cross awards went to Acting Serjeant Mark Powis, LCpl Sean Keenan and Gunner Grant Guy .
He was wounded in these operations on two occasions, mentioned in dispatches and twice won a Military Cross for his role in Burma.
Luca Cumani, enjoying a break in Italy after his Australian adventure with Purple Moon, was in 59-1 double form with Military Cross and Watchful.
By the end of the war he rose to become the regiment's lieutenant-colonel bringing back two Distinguished Service Orders and the Military Cross.
A TOP British soldier who died just hours after being told he had won the Military Cross for service in Iraq had been a hero in Ulster too.
A MINISTER who began World War Two as a pacifist but went on to win a Military Cross for bravery has died.
In 1944 he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry with the 2/3rd Independent Company.
Chavasse, whose pre-war medical posts had included Liverpool's Royal Southern Hospital, received his first accolade in 1915 when he was awarded the Military Cross for gallantry at the Battle of Hooge, made public in the ECHO on January 14, 1916.
The news that Birmingham soldier Daniel Farrington had been awarded the Military Cross for courage under fire made headlines on the front page of the Mail's forerunner, the Birmingham Gazette.
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