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a native or inhabitant of Milan

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He was replaced by assistant Kevin Nugent, who lasted a month before Milanese was handed the reins.
In September, Italy's parliament narrowly voted against allowing the arrest of Milanese on wider corruption and influence-peddling charges after Naples magistrates sought to lift his parliamentary immunity.
Milanese has 25 years experience in analyzing business process components for detecting financial fraud and improper payments combined with the technical acumen in using data matching and data mining techniques.
A breaded veal Milanese (Dh210) was called a modern interpretation, although I didn't see a difference from the classic EoAC" that's a good thing.
SRL, of San Giuliano Milanese, Italy, now has sole responsibility for sales and service of Gallus label printing presses in Italy.
STARTERS & LITE BITES Chicken Milanese, pounds 5.
the motet cycle, a genre that was associated specifically with Renaissance Milan, functioned, by its very nature, as an expression of Milanese civic identity, and this particular expression of artistic patriotism was fostered at the Duomo 'in medio ecclesiae' (p.
Select SkyTeam airlines led by Air France KLM and Milanese businessman Paolo Alazraki reportedly are interested as well.
The Milanese are not happy that their star striker appears to have plotted a career course that always meant he'd leave this summer.
When stopping for breakfast in a Milanese cafe or running errands in local shops, he received the kind of cortesia reserved for a grandparent.
Name and address supplied ### IT was no surprise that the Milanese - who regard their city as a citadel of culture - did not lay out the red carpet for the Tartan Army.
DO check out bars with free food - most Milanese bars do this for a few hours a night, their 'aperitivo' time.
But this is a bullet for the ensemble more than for soloists, and the Milanese premiere revealed a group not yet strong and passionate enough for the orgiastic fury Bejart imagined.
Bolton have handed a trial to veteran Ancona defender Mauro Milanese.
The book tells the intriguing story of the Milanese convent of San Paolo Converso between its foundation in 1535 and the waning influence of its dominant aristocratic family, the Sfondrati, by 1635.