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(Old Testament) the guardian archangel of the Jews

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Alexia, then five, came running downstairs to tell her mum and dad, Christina and Ciprian, that Mihail was "stuck".
The inquest was told Mihail died from lack of oxygen due to pressure on his chest.
Address : B-Dul Mihail Kogalniceanu 36-46 Sector 5,
Mihail Mladenovski, former president of the youth organization of SDSM, refuted the accusations of being a servant of the government and said his former party's motto "you are either SDSM or nothing at all" was a classical fascist slogan that set people against the one another and proved how closed the leadership of SDSM was.
Mihail and Victorija Trunov were delighted when the gentle giant turned up off the bow of the yacht where they were getting married, off the coast of Skye.
The latest incidents in Skopje and Tetovo where the former secretary of SDSM's youth Mihail Mladenov and former intelligence agent Hisen Musliu were attacked are a signal that this has gone beyond a joke, Tatjana Popovska concludes for Dnevnik.
And interim coach Mihail Madanski revealed why he would possibly be using Bojinov as a substitute.
Mihailov, speaking before Bulgaria's friendly with Ukraine on October 7, did not speculate whether interim coach Mihail Madanski might keep the job permanently, saying that BFU was in no rush to pick a new coach.
This makes particularly seductive the dignity, the elevation of Romanian writer Mihail Sebastian's dense anatomy of love's compelling illogic, first published in 1940 and available now in a lyrical translation with an afterword by University of Guelph's Stephen Henighan.
The Union of Entrepreneurs considered strategy for the development of the tourism in Kyrgyzstan, stated chairman of the Entrepreneurs' Union of Kyrgyzstan Mihail Halitov during the press conference in Bishkek.
Russian Federation's Upper Wing Federal Council Member Aslanbek Aslahonov, Trade Advisor of Turkey's Moscow Embassy Atilla Kizilarslan, Eurasia Trade Council Responsible Secretary Viladimir Fitin, Moscow State University Asia and Africa Institute Director Mihail Meyer and Russian Bar Association Chairman Professor Gasan Mirzovy were among the participant
WORCESTER Mihail Gatsios, 71, of Worcester, died Sunday, May 9, 2010 in St.
Arhangel Mihail and All Saints" and the Association of Macedonians in Great Britain, supported also by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, which provided textbooks and other teaching aids.
TRNC's Prime Minister Dervis Eroglu met with Mihail Formuzal, the head of Gagauzia Autonomous Region of Moldova, in Lefkosa.
Farm labourer Mihail Dobrogea, who dreams of earning five times that and swapping his horse for a Mercedes, is typical.