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a severe recurring vascular headache

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Chronic Migraine is a distinct neurologic condition defined as having 15 or more headache days per month, with headaches lasting four hours a day or longer and at least eight of those headache days being associated with migraine.
ISLAMABAD -- People who suffer migraine headaches with auras are at roughly double the risk of suffering the most common type of stroke.
Migraine Proof includes supplemental ingredients such as omega-3, fish oils and riboflavin and it can be taken with prescription medications.
Migraines can also be triggered by a change in regularity - missing a meal or lack of sleep are more likely to result in a migraine than any specific food product.
There exists solid evidence to prove the link between obesity and chronic migraines.
Traditionally, migraine has been considered a benign disorder without long-term consequences for the brain," study author Messoud Ashina, MD, PhD, with the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, said.
Muscat: Migraine is one of the most common problems faced by people all across the world but it is often over-looked as a minor health issue.
The interactive migraine journal within the app allows patients to track their migraine history for review by their physician.
She had two or three attacks each month and then developed sinus problems, which made the migraines more frequent.
PHILADELPHIA -- Migraine with aura seems to be a risk factor for cervical artery dissection, Dr.
His study of 626 subjects found that migraine and migraine with aura were significantly more common among both men and women who had experienced a cervical artery dissection than among control subjects.
Don't misunderstand: Treating migraines, properly, is important.
Women experience migraines three times more frequently than men.
Most of us find ways to deal with common headaches, but those who suffer the harsher, debilitating pain classified as migraines often don't realize there's more help available.
Women who experience migraines that are preceded by sensory irregularities face a heightened risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems, a long-term study of middle-aged women shows.