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For example, in the chapter on education, Donner argues that although education has been one of the marks of the Indian middle-class since colonial times, the changes that have occurred in India's economy and job market have created great uncertainty for middleclass parents regarding their children's future job prospects.
The Newsnight presenter risked the wrath of his female colleagues when he previously suggested that white, middleclass men were overlooked in favour of women by the BBC.
This trauma is viewed through the personal experiences of a number of middleclass family members: business owners who faced bankruptcy; doctors and lawyers who saw their incomes drop precipitously; and government employees, such as teachers, who endured erosion of their salaries through inflation.
In a long meditation on "Marriage and Caste" in the Winter 2006 City Journal, the Manhattan Institute's Kay Hymowitz (who cites Edin and Kefalas) writes that the "marriage gap" between poor and middleclass mothers shows that "educated women still believe in marriage as an institution for raising children.
Yet for most people who read these same Internet pages, there is a paramount question that seems to go unanswered: Where does the middleclass homebuyer fit in the picture?