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Yesterday Scissett Middle School held a 'school in action' event where potential pupils and their parents could tour the school and watch lessons in progress.
The most effective middle schools acknowledge the relationships between and among the subject areas and favor an interdisciplinary approach to learning.
It is hard to know whether one can generalize from results from the nation's largest city (and school district), however, especially when it employs a complex procedure for assigning students to middle schools.
Shaw of Shrewsbury, a former principal of Shrewsbury Middle School, has been hired as the new principal of Mountview Middle School.
The present sample focused on middle school students.
This is very sophisticated,'' declared teacher Daren Kitajima, 37, briefing the brains of his class at Walter Reed Middle School.
But what if students arrive in middle school without having mastered simple vocabulary, decoding skills and comprehension, and can't read well?
While school counseling has roots in developmental practice, middle school counseling programs and counselors in particular must be developmentally responsive.
Option 3: Duchess secondary school on new site; middle schools to close; Branton and Whittingham merge at Whittingham; Felton and Swarland merge at Felton; Seahouses becomes a primary on the middle school site; all other firsts become primaries.
Fulton County's superintendent was James Fox, and the coordinator of middle schools was John Spindler.
To accomplish this purpose, the authors focus on the fundamental and central concerns in middle school education.
Middle School Matters is the most comprehensive research-based program to be applied to middle schools.
But could middle schools also be bad for student learning?
But 22 percent of district middle schools ranked 6 or above, up 4.
In contrast to junior highs, middle schools are characterized as striving to be more student-centered, focus on creative exploration, allow for flexible scheduling, organize teachers into interdisciplinary teams, and emphasize affective and cognitive development of students.
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