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Accessory meningeal artery arose from the middle meningeal artery, 25 mm below the base of the skull and entered the middle cranial fossa through the foramen ovale by passing behind the mandibular nerve.
Endoscope-assisted keyhole surgery via an eyebrow incision for removal of large meningiomas of the anterior and middle cranial fossa.
Microsurgery for small acoustic neuromas via the middle cranial fossa approach is an established method that is associated with a low complication rate.
This lesion appeared to have originated from the right middle cranial fossa, growing upward, rather than from the right lateral ventricle.
The medial aspect of the temporal bone may fail to develop, resulting in a persistent lateral craniopharyngeal canal (also known as the Sternberg canal) between the middle cranial fossa and the pneumatised inferolateral recess of the sphenoid sinus.
Symptomatic cluster headache (CH) cases have been described in association with different kinds of lesions located in the middle cranial fossa, near the sellar or parasellar structures including lesions of internal carotid artery.
Middle cranial fossa, lateral transtemporal (subdivided into infralabyrinthine, translabyrinthine, infracochlear and transcochlear) and trans-sphenoid procedures have all been described.
The anterior, middle and the posterior clinoid processes are located in the middle cranial fossa of the skull.
Conveys sensation from the midface (upper teeth, gums, upper lip and cheeks, lower eyelid and the side of the nose), hard palate, maxillary sinus, part of the nasal mucosa, meninges of the middle cranial fossa.
Cranial base reconstruction with CPCs has been successful for translabyrinthine, middle cranial fossa, and suboccipital craniectomy defects, as well as for extensive temporal bone fractures (29).
The axial projection can demonstrate several characteristics, including a rounded mass within the nasopharynx; tumor extension in the nasal cavity; widening of the pterygopalatine fossa on the side of the tumor; distortion of facial planes in the subtemporal space; indentation of the posterior wall of the antrum by pressure erosion from the tumor mass; and possible invasion of the orbit, sphenoid sinus or middle cranial fossa.
All three cases with intracranial extension, middle cranial fossa extension were noted, but there was no intradural involvement.
sup][1],[13],[14],[15] The middle cranial fossa approach provides a direct view of the canal and is convenient for surgery; however, the invasiveness of the procedure and the high risk of infection cannot be ignored.
1) Several authors have described extraorbital extension of pseudotumor with involvement of paranasal sinuses, anterior and middle cranial fossa and infratemporal region.
Erosion of Teflon Proplast implant into the middle cranial fossa.