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4 Middle East oil and Gas Reserves and Production Outlook to 2025
AK Design was lauded with two awards - Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Office for its work on Falcon & Associates, and the Behind the Scenes prize was picked up by its staff member, Ross Visitation.
These are the kind of issues that any PR professional hoping to move to, or progress in, the Middle East needs to understand.
AFTER A STORM, be it political or meteorological, passes over the Middle East, the region returns to its eternal stillness.
The C Series has the range to serve all of Europe, southern Russia and West Asia and with the new focus on low cost services in the Middle East its economics are going to be very appealing, he says.
Some in the Arab media have even asked why the only real democracies in the Middle East are found in the occupied lands of Iraq and the Palestinian territories.
Democratic reformers in the Middle East don't want to have their own hopes and dreams subordinated to the political agenda of the United States.
2004 Current Anthropology on the topic of agricultural revolutions of Neolithic Europe and the Middle East.
Middle East expert Mehran Kamrava, chairman of the political science department at California State University, Northridge, said that without Arafat's bold presence, new Palestinian leadership could take a more measured and institutional tone.
Also, CMP has introduced CRN and BYTE magazines into the Middle East market through a licensing agreement with Al-Rakameiat Publishing (Dubai).
The tiny Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain wants to be a major hub in the Middle East insurance industry, and to that end has launched a "major initiative" to figure out how to do that.
The Middle East dominates world energy exports today and will almost certainly do so for decades to come.
On August 1, 1801, the first American shots in the Middle East were fired when the 36gun frigate Enterprise defeated a pirate gunboat near the Mediterranean island of Malta.
Finding Palestine: One American's Trek from the Midwest to the Middle East.
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