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Written by scholars who have published extensively on related issues, including Elizabeth Saxon, Michael Driscoll, Miri Rubin, and Kristen Van Ausdall, this fine resource offers 13 chapters describing in detail the uses, theology, liturgical practice, popular stories, understanding, and art historical evidence for the Eucharist in the Middle Ages.
This was several hundred years ago and it is why the period is now known as the Middle Ages, because everyone died when they reached middle age.
MYSTERIES OF THE MIDDLE AGES By Thomas Cahill (Doubleday, 2006)
This important and pioneering book presents a panoramic overview of the lives of Jewish women in the Muslim and Christian worlds of the Middle Ages, as well as in the transitional environment of medieval Spain.
Medieval Myths, Legends And Songs (0778713598) surveys Medieval literary legends and music, Manners And Customs In The Middle Ages (077-8713571) discusses concepts of chivalry, birth and death rites, and seasonal holiday celebrations; Medieval Projects You Can Do
Germany's pre-Lent carnival, or Karneval, is called the Fifth Season and has been celebrated since the Middle Ages.
Israel Abrahams' Jewish Life In The Middle Ages (0486437582, $18.
The Knights Next Door: Everyday People Living Middle Ages Dreams by journalist Patrick O'Donnell (aka Mael Patraic mac Domnaill, a wandering chronicles of the 9th Century who has journeyed across the Known World and has taken to battle and fought--poorly--in the 5th Century alongside a band of Romano-Celt mercenaries called Darkyard) is about this popular hobby as practiced by thousands of men, women, and children today.
In The Middle Ages, the purported narrator is Confucius, who tells about the events and civilization of both east and west during this time period, from China to the Silk Road, the Mongols, shoguns, and samurai, India, the Middle East, the Vikings, life under the feudal lords, women in the Middle Ages, and knights and the crusades.
Thanks to recent research, the so-called "technical Hermetica," mostly of Arabic origin, have been added to the Greek writings introduced into the Renaissance milieu by Marsilio Ficino, and to those already diffused in the Middle Ages (the Asclepius, translated from Greek into Latin, and some Latin texts produced during the twelfth century).
CHANGES IN TECHNOLOGY and evolving trends in contemporary scholarship are enhancing the role of the research library as the principal custodian of the written and printed artifacts that serve as primary sources for studying the literature and history of western Europe from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century.
Since stained-glass windows were employed in the Middle Ages to relate biblical stories to illiterate parishioners, the result was devastating.
The author accepts the dictum that Western European civilisation originated during the Middle Ages and that in this origin, the role of reason alongside faith was vital.
The assumption here is that the real Middle Ages were all those things.
Besides same-sex desire, Queering the Middle Ages also examines other sexual atypicalities of the Middle Ages, such as bestiality, fetishism, and adultery.