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Using a vulnerability in the Microsoft Virtual Machine security system (`Microsoft VM ActiveX Component" Vulnerability), the Web site infects victim computers with a malicious script program that drops the "Netdex" main components.
Microsoft Virtual Machine assists Java software to act as a first-class
With the industry-leading performance of the Microsoft virtual machine and the ability to fully optimize customers' investments in hardware and software via J/Direct, developers can now deliver a new breed of applications with the Java programming language that take full advantage of the power of Windows.
The combination of the high performance, ubiquity and royalty-free distribution rights makes the Microsoft virtual machine an invaluable tool for Java developers.
The study also reveals strong momentum for the Microsoft virtual machine for Java, evidenced by the fact that 96 percent of developers that use Java are developing and deploying their Java applications on Windows.
This version of JRun offers the option of using either the Sun Java Virtual Machine or the Microsoft virtual machine for Java on either server.
0, extends the performance leadership of the Microsoft virtual machine and offers a host of pioneering new virtual machine features for developers and end users, including seamless integration of ActiveX(TM) technologies and JavaBeans components, initial support of a variety of Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.
Microsoft, Intel, and leading vendors of technology for Java today announced the availability of a gallery of Java functionality to enrich the Microsoft virtual machine for Java.
J/Advantage is open to all commercial Java developers who are creating Java applications and components with the Microsoft Application Foundation Classes (AFC) for Java, creating components in Java using JavaBeans and/or ActiveX, supporting the Microsoft virtual machine for the Windows(R) operating system or creating add-ons for Microsoft Visual J++.
Liquid Motion Pro, entirely written in Java, combined with the Microsoft virtual machine for Java, fulfills the tremendous desire amongst Java developers for an extensible 2D interactive tool, allowing developers to add their own customized functionality.
This new version includes the latest edition of the industry-leading Microsoft virtual machine for Java with support for server-side applications, a plug-in that gives users of Netscape Navigator the superior Java experience of the Microsoft virtual machine, a Script Debugger that allows developers to debug Java applications within complex Web pages, and enhanced CAB file tools for faster and more convenient distribution of Java applications to end users.
The Microsoft SDK for Java enables software developers to build very rich and sophisticated Java applications and provides the fastest way to run any Java applications on the Windows 95 or Windows NT operating system with the Microsoft virtual machine for Java.
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