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Microsoft also is losing money with Xbox, its stab at Sony's PlayStation 2 game console; and its Internet MSN venture is losing subscribers, down 1 million between October 2002 and October 2003.
Developed to address the productivity challenges in today's enterprises, large and small, the Microsoft Office System enhances users' visibility into business information.
The Microsoft Project 2002 BVC is a program designed to assist any Microsoft partner to learn Microsoft Project 2002 and begin building business solutions now for customer deployment in June.
What follows is a medley of what might be called antitrust's greatest hits and an analysis of how the lessons of history are being misapplied to the Microsoft case.
Microsoft has done great damage to the industry by breaking standards.
Microsoft president Steven Ballmer sees Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, who heard the case without a jury, as an outsider to the high-tech culture.
Microsoft and the government both reacted quickly after receiving the much-anticipated findings Friday evening.
The heavy breathing begins with his depiction of Microsoft as generally hated--as, in his terms, "the apparent apotheosis of crude, ruthless, business power" and later as "the handy villain" His book then becomes a "revisionist view" set against the misguided popular opinion of Microsoft as the epitome of corporate nastiness.
Microsoft has recognized the value of InvisibleCRM technology and its impact on the new generation of CRM integration tools working together with Microsoft Office.
Antitrust prosecutors said Monday's move was intended to open the contest and prevent Microsoft from leveraging its monopoly over the world's market for computer operating systems into complete control over the World Wide Web.
Microsoft is committed to providing users of Microsoft Access the tools needed to evolve their databases as their performance requirements increase," said Roger Heinen, senior vice president of the developer division at Microsoft.
Centennial Software, a developer of IT security and asset management solutions, today announced that it has achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status in the Microsoft Partner Program with proven competencies in Licensing Solutions and ISV/Software Solutions.
It was something else entirely Wednesday, when Apple co-founder and prodigal son Steven Jobs announced Microsoft Corp.
We've seen the project management category more than double in size during the past three years, and we're very pleased to see that Microsoft Project has been at the forefront of that growth.