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an oral antidiabetic drug (trade names DiaBeta and Micronase) that stimulates the release of insulin from the pancreas

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Acceptable evidence included a mention of the specific diagnosis before the 12-month study period or other clinical indicators, such as prescribing micronase and following blood sugars as substantiation of diabetes.
Pharmacists were paid for counseling type II diabetes patients who, in consultation with their physicians, had transferred from Upjohn's Micronase tablets to its Glynase PresTab tablets.
Find Your Diabetes Medicines(*) Sulfonylureas Amaryl DiaBeta Diabinese Dymelor Glucotrol Glucotrol XL Glynase PresTab Micronase Orinase Tolinase Biguanides Glucophage Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitors Glyset Precose Thiazolidinediones Rezulin Meglitinides: Prandin Insulins Lispro (Humalog) Regular Premixed Ultralente NPH or Lente
Among these products are: Halcion, the controversial sleeping aid; Xanax, an antianxiety drug; and Micronase, a diabetes drug.