harvest mouse

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any of several small greyish New World mice inhabiting e

small reddish-brown Eurasian mouse inhabiting e

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Spatial distribution and population density of harvest mouse Micromys minutus in a habitat mosaic at lake Neusiedl, Austria.
The mice, micromys minutus, can make their nests in relative safety from their innumerable predators, including birds of prey and weasels, which are too big to enter through the hole.
mystacinus (eastern broad-toothed field mouse), Micromys minutus (harvest mouse), Microtus levis (syn.
Antibodies were also detected in Apodemus sylvaticus, Microtus agrestis, Micromys minutis, captive-housed Cynomys ludovicianus, and Rattus norvegicus.
Species key: MMu, Mus musculus (house mouse); RN, Rattus norvegicus (brown or Norway rat); AS, Apodemus sylvaticus (wood mouse); MG, Myodes glarelous (bank vole); MA, Microtus agrestis (field vole); MMi, Micromys minutis (harvest mouse); CL, Cynomys ludovicianus (back-tailed prairie dog); SV, Sciurus vulgaris (red squirrel); SC, Sciurus carolensis (gray squirrel); NA, not available.