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Synonyms for sprouting

the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow

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As we walked through the greenhouse, farmer Kate Franzman told us that the microgreens (tiny sunflower, radish, kale and other sprouts) growing there are very healthy, rich in nutrients.
About five days after the incident, I came out to my car in the morning and there was a beautiful flush carpet of microgreens on the passenger side,'' Millard said.
Add a few tufts of basil microgreens, drizzle with chorizo oil, sprinkle with Maldon salt, and serve immediately.
The company launched the line in response to demand from consumers having been exposed to microgreens in foodservice.
Drizzle with olive oil and garnish with chopped herbs or microgreens.
A completely different sort of cutting is called for when it comes to harvesting salads, such as microgreens and baby leaves.
Smaller than "baby greens," and harvested later than "sprouts," microgreens can provide a variety of leafflavors, such as sweet and spicy.
each), heads and tails removed Chopped flat-leaf parsley and/or chives or microgreens (optional) 1.
So to better reconnect with the food I eat, I've placed my focus on the baby-fication of my vegetables by growing vibrant patches of microgreens.
The technique for growing microgreens is so simple.
A: We've just done a very interesting study on microgreens, which are immature greens.
Microgreens have been grown in the United States for only about 20 years, and at the beginning, the varieties were limited.
Presently, 1 1/2 acres of tomatoes and 1/2 acre of herbs, lettuces, and microgreens are grown in greenhouses.
Whether tucked into crepes with leeks and a cream sauce or simmered in a thyme-perfumed vegetable stock and served with linguine, truffle oil and microgreens, morels work well with a nice rose wine pairing, says Socher.