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the branch of economics that studies the economy of consumers or households or individual firms

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No statistics exist on the degree to which drug-trafficking money, through the illegal loans, has penetrated the microeconomy, among informal merchants, farmers, and miners.
In some regions, silk production might create a new microeconomy, as demand grows and production techniques improve.
The prison, "apart from being a social microcosm, is also a microeconomy that operates under basic capitalist principles.
Each microeconomy values the scraps differently; some put more stock in barter than in cash.
No doubt mindful that for a ship facing imminent departure time is of the essence, NEPIA's checklist embodies its own microeconomy of government.
159) The massive exchange of real-world currency in this virtual reality has turned Second Life into a discrete microeconomy that can cause real-world consequences.
23) and how slaves participated within the microeconomy around the plantations (p.
Some might say they are responsible for the recent flurry of accolades in national books and media for Whatcom County's growing sustainably focused microeconomy.
Urban farming creates green spaces, recycles waste, improves air quality, localizes food production, and is good for the microeconomy.
According to Foreign Policy (2002), the United States also helped to start the Nepal Industrial Development Corporation, which granted loans to several industries, in order to enhance the microeconomy of the country.