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Cuba, Jamaica, and some other Caribbean islands are also considered microcontinents.
Significance of fossiliferous Middle Cambrian rocks of Rhode Island to the history of the Avalonian microcontinent.
The contribution of Servais and Sintubin also tries to clarify the relative roles of Avalonia, Armorica and Perunica, noting that some terranes are called microcontinents, a paleogeographic term, and others have been called microplates, a plate tectonic term.
Hoffman proposes that mantle convection swept the microcontinents and island arcs toward an area where cold mantle material was sinking.
Between 28[degrees]S and 39[degrees]S latitude these terrains are represented by the Chilenia and Cuyania microcontinents (Fig.
The complex history of the Appalachian orogen can be summarized in terms of processes related to the Palaeozoic closure of the Iapetus and Rheic oceans, which led to the accretion of arcs, back arcs, and microcontinents to Laurentia (e.
2008, Control of volcanic phenomena in western Bohemian Massif by rejuvenated Variscan triple junction of ancient microcontinents, Stud.
However, the inevitable arrival of microcontinents and/or oceanic plateaux at the trench may induce temporary compression, in which the rheologically softened crust undergoes thickening driving the P-T-t path to higher pressures (into a CCW path).