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turbine that converts the chemical energy of a liquid fuel into mechanical energy by internal combustion

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The innovation is based on the use of highly efficient micro-turbines capable of producing 5 to 100 kW of electricity.
Capstone's micro-turbines are like miniature jet engines that burn natural gas to drive a small electric generator.
The Westons have also installed a new British micro-turbine system by excavating a pipe trench from the River Greta through the paddock to the turbine where the water should generate nearly three kilowatts.
The second project is a first-of-a-kind, micro-turbine generator configured to use unprocessed coal mine methane gas directly from an underground source to generate electricity.
David Gordon, chief executive of the Glasgow firm, said: "Ours is the only micro-turbine that puts electricity directly into a home.
Eleven micro-turbine jet engines the size of basketballs are spinning generators for power for 100 homes.
Each micro-turbine, which stands about three metres tall and bolts on to the top of a property like a satellite dish, will generate some 14 kilowatts of electricity and save about one tonne of carbon dioxide per year.
For example, in certain parts of the country we can not only affect the demand for energy through the StoreWorks Program, but we can also reduce the cost of energy supply through supplying a micro-turbine.
and a micro-turbine presentation by Mariah Energy Corp of Calgary.
The fast-food chain operator said it set up a micro-turbine cogeneration system at its Eda Nishi outlet in Yokohama earlier this month.
The gas-driven micro-turbine uses a lubrication-free air bearing system to support the rare earth permanent magnet generator as it turns at speeds approaching 65,000 rpm, yet it runs quietly with a maximum noise level of 65 dBa at a distance of 10 meters.
The other one is the Micro-Turbine Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Integration for Hybrid Electric CitiVan ($262,000).
HOUSTON -- Texas business and energy leaders review and discuss technological developments in combined heat and power systems and related micro-turbine equipment at the CHP 2011 Conference and Trade Show October 17-19, 2011 in Houston, Texas.
For example, we have recently completed noise performance testing of a US built micro-turbine as the manufacturer-supplied noise data was simply not being uniformly accepted by UK planning officers.
London, Mar 26 (ANI): An inventor has managed to harness the force of a shower to power a micro-turbine, which drives a generator to create electricity to run a radio.