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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Irish descent

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Pellington : My first impression of Mick was very positive.
Janice (Vicky Entwistle) watches in horror as Mick reveals his true colours.
The 1970s' photographs are more occasional and less everyday - marking the spring and fall of their birthdays, celebrating Mick and Mary's wedding anniversary, recording the 1972 purchase of Mick and Mary's Mercury - as white space replaces the action and panorama of the past.
A DiaTech study recently published in the American Cancer Society's highly-regarded medical journal, Cancer , showed that after oncologists received the results from DiaTech's MiCK assay, 64 percent used the assay to help decide a patient's treatment plan.
Purcell said that there's always a possibility that Leonard's return will send Mick back to his old ways.
It is thought she will move to Los Angeles, where Mick spends a lot of time, or to Connecticut to be near her family when the baby arrives.
Eventually his cheeky charming techniques paid off and in 1954 the couple started their relationship after Mick returned home from spending seven years in the army.
xx WARD Mick To a brother-in-law and a friend, you will be sadly missed.
Mick worked his charm on the women when he later returned to the hotel bar.
As he offers Mick the support he needs to face his phobia, the experience seems to be doing Ian a little bit of good, too.
Mick received it for his rich contribution to Birmingham life through his music - and for helping fellow Irish immigrants integrate in their adopted city.
And the fact that he didn't have any petrol for it didn't stop the young Mick Grant.
In the school summer holidays of 1977, a 13-year-old boy from Dovecot named Mick Butterworth went to stay with his auntie Bridget over in Wirral for a week.
THE teenage lout who kicked tragic Mick Eccles to death was the son of one of his closest football pals, The People can reveal.
WE would like to take this opportunity to express how sad we feel that Mick and Sue Puzey have taken the decision to retire from greyhound racing and leave their lovely home and kennels at Claverhambury.