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(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Irish descent

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Mick was additionally involved with the sales of Beach House 8 which sold out in 90 days and Glass, a Terra development, which sold out in six months.
In 1976, Mick and Pat - along with their four children, Geoff, 57, David, 55, Terry, 52 and Debbie, 50 - left their home on Kimberley Drive in Pallister Park and moved south due to work reasons.
the City 1967 " The wedding of Mick and Pat at Bedworth's St Francis RC Church was attended by the whole of the City team, including Jimmy Hill, and they lined up to wave off the bride and groom for their close-season honeymoon in Ibiza.
I retired from teaching just last year and Mick and I were looking forward to some happy years together, spending time driving in Mick's beloved motor home to his beloved Turkey, stopping off at various countries between here and there.
Mick knows enough is enough and tells Ian it's time for him to come clean.
Mick's fling with Melanie had angered L'Wren's estranged sister Jan Shane - who accused father-of-seven Mick of being "a bigger part of her troubles" than previously thought.
TV fans watched Mick stage a string of dates there while Kirk, 23, lived like a rock star in a second house in the 16-acre grounds near Thurrock, Essex.
Mick enjoyed great health for the majority of his life.
Mick had his brush with death as he and five-year-old Memphis patrolled with a group of Royal Marine Commandos, protecting the troops by checking for bombs.
It allowed Mick to change the way he was playing and they got two goals and won the game.
And instead of a big welcome-home party, Mick packed his bike into his nephew's car and was driven the last 40 miles back to Fourstones village in the Tyne Valley.
Bridget had a beautiful old white-painted bed and breakfast hotel on Parkgate promenade which overlooked the sands of the Dee, and Mick loved staying with his auntie, even though she seemed a bit stuck-up sometimes, and always called him Michael instead of Mick.
Mick was a wonderful talent and a true professional upon whom you could always depend, whether it was at a minor midweek meeting or at Epsom on Derby day.
There's nothing 8th-grade archenemies Boot and Mick enjoy more than taunting and then socking each other, but the new principal at their middle school is determined to change their behavior and so devises this unusual sentence.
Gordon Jackson banned Mick McCleary from his bar after discovering he had sent teasing texts to his girlfriend.