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an antifungal agent usually administered in the form of a nitrate (trade name Monistat)

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4% of the population of the United States, identify themselves as Hispanic and the new Micatin was designed with these shoppers in mind.
The attitude scores toward the sponsorship brands (Gatorade, Micatin, and TNT Movies) were summed to create an attitude index for sponsorship messages.
The Canadian drugs are Micatin, Gelusil and Glycerin Suppositories (glycerol + gelatin).
Meanwhile, WellSpring's antifungal cream Micatin has established itself as a category staple in most retailers' mixes.
Miller will be responsible for designing and implementing WellSpring's sales and marketing strategy in the United States for its newly acquired over-the-counter product line, which includes Micatin (antifungal), Emetrol (antinausea) and Gelusil (antacid).
An error was tallied, however, if a product was available as both a prescription and a nonprescription item with different names, such as miconazole, which is available as a 2% cream as prescription-only Monistat-Derm and nonprescription Micatin.
WellSpring purchased the United States rights to Emetrol, an antinausea product; Micatin, an antifungal item; and Gelusil, an antacid.
With the exception of Micatin, all of those brands rank among the drug channel's best-selling items.
The company markets Micatin, an antifungal for athlete's foot.