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any metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers

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The Arquia Group is formed by garnet amphibolites, greenschists and mica schists, from basic, volcano-sedimentary and pelitic protoliths, respectively, metamorphosed under greenschist and amphibolite facies conditions (Restrepo & Toussaint, 1976; Arias & Caballero, 1978; Sanchez, 1988; Rios Reyes, et al.
This is probably due to the fact that the dominant lithology in the South Area is amphibolite and not the favorable quartz mica schist that hosts the wide mineralized zones in the structurally similar Central Area.
Ground mica schist poured onto the floor softens the step and enhances the texture of the space, while a bench provides a vantage point in which to view and consider the overall effect of the piece.
The hole then passed into oxidized quartzite and quartz mica schist from 50 feet to termination depth.
Soil sampling results suggest a false bedrock layer of shingled barren quartz mica schist exists about 3 to 4 feet below surface.
Rock samples consisted of quartz mica schist and medium grained diorite intrusive containing abundant sericite alteration associated with brown iron oxide after carbonate and reddish brown hematite after pyrite.
Anthony Del Vescovo -- Despite numerous space, noise and vibration restrictions, Del Vescovo's tunneling team managed to gouge, pound and blast 6,900 cubic yards of mica schist from the cave below Carnegie Hall for its transformation into a state-of-the-art concert hall.
The mineralized zone is bound to the northwest by pyritic quartz serecite schist intrududed by an intermediate intrusive and continues to the southeast in quartz Mica schist.
38 and quartz stringers in mica schist (sample contained visible gold)
All of the mineralization in the tunnel is within a sulphide bearing mica schist formation at a marble contact.