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an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Micah foretelling the destruction of Jerusalem

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Significant progress has been made in understanding MIC in gas industry facilities, and practical tools have been developed to better detect, mitigate, and prevent MIC.
These advancements led to the publication of a second field guide(4) on internal MIC diagnosis, mitigation, and monitoring, and to the production of a video on diagnosis and treatment of both internal and external MIC.
The former is intended for immediate use by corrosion personnel in the field while the latter will be a primary source of information for the development of an expert system for the diagnosis and treatment of MIC.
Since MIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of MGIC, MGIC will benefit from the mortgage insurance business conducted by MIC.
MTG has no plans to issue equity or debt in connection with the capitalization of MIC.
Investors are urged to consult a qualified tax professional regarding the tax consequences of investing in MIC.
AMRESCO made a net cash payment of approximately $22 million to the original MIC stockholders, plus a $3 million cash payment to MIC.
Nasdaq: AMMB), a diversified financial services company headquartered in Dallas, today jointly announced the granting to AMRESCO of an option to require MIC's original stockholders, led by William Edwards, to purchase 100 percent of the stock of MIC.
MIC), a rapidly growing e-Business solutions provider, IT systems integrator, IBM Business Partner and Microsoft Solutions Provider today announced that, effective December 1, the company Board of Directors has named Thomas Fonseca Chief Executive Officer and Robert Bennett President of MIC.
It is the perfect addition to our suite of user-friendly information products, the Loan Performance System," said Dan Feshbach, President and CEO of MIC.
Becoming a PeopleSoft Global Alliance Partner is major step for our company," said Tom Fonseca, President of MIC.
We are pleased that Atlantic has been able to expand its market-leading network into the Pacific Northwest," said James Hooke, Chief Executive Officer of MIC.
Prior to the merger, Millicom, which had also traded on the Nasdaq National Market, owned approximately 49% of MIC.
Irving, vice president of claims for National General Insurance Company (NGIC), a subsidiary of MIC, has been named director of claims for MIC.
These transactions are consistent with Atlantic's previously disclosed strategy of selling FBOs when an attractive valuation can be achieved and proceeds effectively redeployed," said James Hooke, Chief Executive Officer of MIC.