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Synonyms for Miao

a people living traditionally in mountain villages in southern China and adjacent areas of Vietnam and Laos and Thailand


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a language of uncertain affiliation spoken by the Hmong

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At 24, Miao returned to China and embarked on a period of self-rediscovery and ventures that ultimately led to AOK.
Miao reportedly requested his family to stop visiting him over 10 years ago.
It seeks not so much to define the actual nature of the Miao challengers in the context of highland rebellion as to identify the simplified images attributed to (and, indeed, imposed upon) these challengers, as well as something of the implications of such rendering for regional Qing planning.
While the departments all have their own annual goals, "now we interact with each other and make sure our goals support each other and the overarching organizational goal," said Miao.
The tour focus is more on the Miao people that boast a splendid culture with eye dazzling costumes, mysterious witchcraft and a turbulent history.
To the king's angry surprise, Miao Shan thrived in caring for the hideously ill and suffering, emerging in history and myth as Kuan Yin, a female Bodhisattva--an enlightened being who turns back from nirvana to serve others on earth.
Grandchildren Karla, Kayleigh, Stephen and Amie xxxxxxxxx MIAO EVELYN May 7 2011.
Metropolis offers some 76 visions of modern cities and urban life from 26 leading international artists, including Miao Xiaochun, Zhang Enli, Grazia Toderi and Beat Streuli.
The topics include the modernity of Sichuan Gyualrong Tibetans, performing Miao cultural individuality in an upland Miao love-song, the culture of world cultural heritage, the bodily expressions of contemporary young Amis in Taiwan, and the continuity of life from past to present among the Nung of northern Vietnam.
One of Qi's most promising students is Miao Yunfei, a somewhat hulking fighter who wins his division at Sichuan's provincial youth tournament.
It was a quite understandable decision from Miao Miao, the Australian National Coach, sitting courtside, to withdraw the young lady.
Chen Miao, director of the business forecast center of TIER, predicted that Taiwan's business climate will decline further.
Broadband technologies, e-government, joint research projects and support for business development are among the areas covered by the memorandum, which was signed by the Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski, and the Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technologies, Miao Wei, China Daily reports.
in Xuan&'en County, of Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Shi&'en, said a spokesman.