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a member of the extinct Algonquian people formerly living in northern Indiana and southern Michigan

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a city and resort in southeastern Florida on Biscayne Bay

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Considering that there are hundreds of importers in South Florida alone, such a process would be very time consuming in Miami.
As Boswell and Curtis (1991) have pointed out, a significant amount of the growth of the Miami, Cuban population since the 1960s is due to the "return flow" of Cuban immigrants to Miami from other parts of the United States.
The Miami Workers Center, for example, runs the Circle of Consciousness, a year-long set of weekly meetings for community members that focuses on the broader economic and social trends that structure local issues.
The Buckeyes loaded up against star Miami tailback Willis McGahee and stuffed him to the tune of 67 yards on 20 carries - until he left the game with a knee injury.
Sporting types will love Miami, as there is so much to do in this tropical climate with all the amenities of a major city.
After the receipt in August 1985 of the state's March 1985 final Report of Examination of BCCI-Miami, which noted continued asset problems, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta conducted an independent examination of the Miami office in October 1985.
government only can be trusted while it plots in secret, Miami has engaged in a series of open defiances (the Mariel boatlift, launched against President Carter's orders) and abetted the various subterranean missions (Watergate, the contra supply network) that have changed the rules of politics.
NCL Corporation, which operates cruise giant Norwegian Cruise Line, has been in Miami for four decades and now counts 1,200 employees.
For example, if Miami wins Saturday, the Trojans go no matter what else happens.
When the Sheraton Suites Hotel opens in Miami Beach, it will take Greater Miami from worst to first in terms of being a black tourist destinations," says lawyer H.
At the Miami Beach Golf Club, corporate players will receive a custom-designed golf towel and information about the city's excellent business environment, delivered continuously on the GPS system found in every golf cart.
Already, events like Art Basel Miami, Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the Miami International Film Festival demonstrate the area's international appeal to connoisseurs of the arts.
The trick now for ``CSI: Miami,'' of course, is to be at once similar enough to the ``Big Show,'' as Caruso calls it, that fans will be appeased, and yet different enough so that it doesn't seem a mere retread.
This year, the organization will be presenting three first-time awards, the Make It Miami Award, the Corporate Responsibility Award, and the Young Leader Award.
The leading candidates for the headquarters of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)--Atlanta, Miami.