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a unit of information equal to 1024 kibibytes or 2^20 (1,048,576) bytes

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MIB stores data that life insurers can use to verify the information consumers put on applications for life insurance, disability insurance and other medically underwritten products.
Not only can they face fines, points on their licence and possible disqualification, but the MIB will pursue uninsured drivers, through the courts if necessary, to claw back the financial losses they have caused.
MIB information is used only to alert member companies to the possible need for further information.
Hammond, who joined MIB in August 2007, was previously with Merrill Lynch (NYSE: MER) (OOTC: MERIZ), where he held a range of senior positions.
Last year the MIB handled more than 41,000 claims from victims of road accidents caused by untraced and uninsured drivers.
The five-figure deal will see the Portland Terrace accountants absorb the MIB mortgage, financial advice and pensions division.
If the driver turns out to be untraceable then the MIB will still handle your claim, but only in respect of any personal injury suffered by you or any passengers in the car.
One of the most impressive applications included in the new Engineer's Edition toolset," said Yonce, "is the MIB Browser which ships with a database of over 125,000 unique Object ID's (OID's).
However, the rejection is now part of his permanent MIB medical record and will follow him to every carrier in the industry.
The MIB enables SAN administrators to gain a detailed, topographic view of the storage network, obtain detailed SAN performance information from across the enterprise, and launch the management software of each SAN component.
MIB expects the country's Gross Domestic Product to increase by an amazing 50% in 1992 to '94.
A nonprofit service based in Boston, MIB is a huge repository of information gleaned from medical records.
MIB -- a Braintree, Massachusetts-based insurance applicant data collection group -- breaks consumers down into three age groups: ages 44 and younger; ages 45 to 59; and ages 60 and older.
MIB is a collaboration between the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) - the private sector arm of the Islamic Development Bank - which holds 70% per cent and the Government of Maldives which holds the remaining 30 per cent.