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a member of the Algonquian people inhabiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada


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the Algonquian language of the Micmac

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They pointed out as they had done before, that if they took the oath, Abbe LeLoutre would incite the Mi'kmaq to attack them, and the British could not protect them.
Abbe LeLoutre who manipulated his Mi'kmaq ruthlessly for the French cause and whose intrigues convinced the English colonists that the Acadians were dangerous?
In fact, the Supreme Court of Canada did not give to the Mi'kmaq people an unlimited right to fish.
The undersea cable will connect with the mainland in a small, natural harbor on the Nova Scotia coast that is a traditional Mi'kmaq fishing area.
Christmas said the company promised me cruets to return to continue the discussions if the chiefs would give their consent and allow the permits to be issued, but the chiefs responded by saying they couldn't agree to just trust them, given the history of the Mi'kmaq people in dealing with outsiders.
The Mi'kmaq had no input into the environmental decisions.
I was surprised because there were what I thought were ongoing discussions with the Mi'kmaq at that point and those hadn't concluded.
The government of Nova Scotia is committed to working in partnership with the Mi'kmaq Nation and the federal government in advancing the self government process," said Nova Scotia Premier John Savage.
Other initiatives resulting from the forum include the Mi'kmaq young offenders project, Mi'kmaq human rights officers program, the Shubenacadie Native diversion program, a conservation officers program, and the building of a Native learning centre.
The new forum recognizes the 13 chiefs as the officials with the Mi'kmaq union and the confederacy at a second level.