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a member of the Algonquian people inhabiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada


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the Algonquian language of the Micmac

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One problem with this location was that it violated a former treaty with the Wabanaki Confederacy of First Nations, which included the Mi'kmaq tribes.
14) The British could not simply ignore the Mi'kmaq (the predominate Indigenous peoples in this territory), as their retaliatory efforts interfered with British commercial designs in the fish and fur trade.
Before proceeding to a more detailed discussion of Mi'kmaq Honour Song and Nukapianguaq, I want to first provide a brief overview of certain theories and viewpoints on multicultural music education that inform my analysis, specifically Deborah Bradley's theory of multicultural human subjectivity, and Elizabeth Mackinlay's work on embodied learning.
In spite of government bureaucracy, the Mi'kmaq have established the Mi'kmaq Justice Institute and had mandated it to not only administer justice as it relates to Mi'kmaq people but also to further promote new justice arrangements, which are culturally relevant.
At and following the massive RCMP assault on protesters in Rexton on October 17,40 people were arrested and six Mi'kmaq Warriors thrown into solitary confinement.
Nancy Jeddore of the Mi'kmaq tribe is credited with 17 works in the late 1800s that were collected in a book by a missionary, but the works have been largely forgotten.
The second part of the book is based on the author's fieldwork with the Mi'kmaq of Newfoundland.
Then there is Pam Palmater, a woman who hunkered down with Chief Spence in Ottawa and became an unofficial but unshakeable spokesperson for the Idle No More movement: Day after day, the Mi'kmaq lawyer with the blonde streak and the feather earrings dominated Canadian newscasts, talk shows and the Twittersphere.
The dualism of her identity seems to disappear, however, since she states that her teaching approach combines only Mi'kmaq and Anishnawbe teachings (204).
The Act has long discriminated against women and eroded cultural values and practices within the Mi'kmaq nation.
Mi anfonodd ata i restr o blanhigion meddyginiaethol a ddefnyddir gan y Mi'kmaq, sef llwyth o frodorion o ogledd ddwyrain Canada.
Ostensibly, it is a murder mystery in which the title character, a Mi'kmaq RCMP officer named Markus Paul, seeks to unravel the truth behind a mysterious death that has remained unsolved for more than 20 years.
The Mi'Kmaq had a hunting and gathering tradition and their own customs, ceremonies, language and belief system.