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a member of the Algonquian people inhabiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada


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the Algonquian language of the Micmac

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With Beausejour as his base (after he had torched Beaubassin to keep it out of British hands), he deployed the Mi'kmaq to harass English troops and the Acadian settlers, apparently with the enthusiastic if clandestine approval of the French court.
The island was divided into lots and a lottery held in London; no consideration was given for the rights of the Mi'kmaq.
The Government of Prince Edward Island is pleased to establish an agreement that reflects our commitment to consult the Mi'kmaq on activities or decisions that may impact Aboriginal or treaty rights," said Premier Ghiz.
4) In 1999, pneumonia and influenza accounted for 1,474 hospital admissions per 100,000 Mi'kmaq versus 337 hospital admissions per 100,000 non-Mi'kmaq Nova Scotians, yielding an AARR of 4.
a Mi'kmaq from Cape Breton, caught 463 pounds of eels in Pomquet Harbour, Antigonish County and sold them for approximately $800.
The book includes a CD with a reading of the story in English by Bouchard and in Mi'kmaq by Patsy Paul-Martin, and includes the song, Darling Don't Cry, by acclaimed singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie.
This year, a three-year project will be undertaken by a team of scholars at the University of Saskatchewan to investigate and research the Mi'kmaq culture in Atlantic Canada.
Native American elders had been excluded from this multicultural (American) dialogue about God," writes Mi'kmaq author Evan T.
First comes a heartbreaking and heroic Mi'kmaq tale of love between a human being, Lone Star, and a mermaid, Minnow.
A native of Windsor, Nova Scotia, and a seventh-generation Canadian of African and Mi'kmaq heritage, Clarke was composer James Rolfe's librettist for Beatrice Chancy, a particularly successful collaboration that has received four stage productions and a broadcast on CBC television.
Azure into adulthood, and this prolifically published poet shows her varied experiences in her debut anthology of poetry and short stories in "In Mi'kmaq Country: Selected Poems & Stories".
An artist of Mi'kmaq ancestry, Biron devotes himself to raising awareness of the art and culture of Native Americans in the Northeast.
BY THE MID-19TH CENTURY, the Mi'kmaq of Cape Breton Island, much like the Mi'kmaq on the Nova Scotia mainland, were nearly destitute.
It has been argued that the 1761 treaty between the Mi'kmaq and British at Governor Belcher's farm proves that their relationship was a simple one of conqueror and conquered.
This project will reduce alcohol consumption and instances of antisocial behaviour in 13 Mi'kmaq communities and 4 non-aboriginal communities.