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United States biochemist (born in Germany) who studied the metabolism of muscles (1884-1951)

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Levit A, Barak D, Behrens M, Meyerhof W, Niv MY (2012) Homology Model-Assisted Elucidation of Binding Sites in GPCRs In: Membrane Protein Structure and Dynamics: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology), 1stedn; Vaidehi, N.
Once again it is of Dvorak, the 6th Symphony and, as with her New World, she gives a highly idiomatic reading recorded in superb sound at the Joseph Meyerhof Hall, Baltimore.
Others who owed him their life to Fry were artists Max Ernst and Andre Breton, the Nobel laureate physiologist Otto Meyerhof, mathematician Jaques Hadamard, and writers Franz Werfel, Hannah Arendt and Heinrich Mann.
Tal cadeia de reacoes foi descoberta por Gustav Embren e Otto Meyerhof, e por isso tambem chamado de "ciclo Embren-Meyerhof" ou glicolise anaerobica que significa a desintegracao da glicose sem a presenca de [O.
These T2Rs bind selectively to bitter taste stimuli, and each T2R appears to have a relatively narrow and distinct molecular receptive range (for review, see Meyerhof, 2005).
Nobel prize-winning research by AV Hill and Otto Meyerhof provided a rational explanation linking lactate to anaerobiosis and acidosis, which resulted in this relationship being widely accepted as fact.
10) In 1932, Max Meyerhof (1874-1945) suggests that Islamic science declined beginning from about 1100 because of the work of al-Ghazali (d.
Pero hay que senalar que Ochoa llego a su exilio en Estados Unidos despues de pasar por Inglaterra y Mexico y que, a pesar de que habia realizado ya valiosas contribuciones originales en Heidelberg, al lado de Meyerhof, y en Oxford, junto a Peters, se vio obligado a obtener un nuevo doctorado al estilo americano para poder trabajar en los Estados Unidos, lo que logro en la Universidad de Saint Louis Misouri.
The most important pathway of hexose fermentation in the rumen is the Embden Meyerhof pathway, resulting in the degradation of glucose to pyruvate (Baldwin, 1965).
Con este material se modela la CCA de una placa corrida infinita, utilizando la teoria de Meyerhof (Szechy & Varga, 1971; ACMSIF, 1994), y variando la profundidad de cimentacion y el ancho de la fundacion, todo para niveles freaticos localizados a varias profundidades.
Dorothy Meyerhof, Chief of the Environmental Radiation Hazards Division, provided valuable advice and support.