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United States biochemist (born in Germany) who studied the metabolism of muscles (1884-1951)

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Once again it is of Dvorak, the 6th Symphony and, as with her New World, she gives a highly idiomatic reading recorded in superb sound at the Joseph Meyerhof Hall, Baltimore.
Others who owed him their life to Fry were artists Max Ernst and Andre Breton, the Nobel laureate physiologist Otto Meyerhof, mathematician Jaques Hadamard, and writers Franz Werfel, Hannah Arendt and Heinrich Mann.
10) In 1932, Max Meyerhof (1874-1945) suggests that Islamic science declined beginning from about 1100 because of the work of al-Ghazali (d.
Gymboree has helped us create a thorough monitoring system that goes farther than any existing rules to protect the well-being of factory workers in Saipan," said Al Meyerhof, an attorney for the plaintiffs in the suits.