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German composer of operas in a style that influenced Richard Wagner (1791-1864)

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Donizetti, dramma musicale, Mazzini, melodramma ottocentesco, Meyerbeer, musica italiana, romanticismo, Rossini, Verdi
Meyerbeer, whom he had courted indefatigably in the days of his own Parisian ambition, was the cock on the dung heap.
In any case, knowledge of these elements can counter interpretations of Meyerbeer as a defender of imperialism and a facile composer unconcerned with profound ideas.
Wagner tried to cover his guilty tracks by denouncing Jewish composers he emulated, including Giacomo Meyerbeer.
Wagner traduced the Jewish Meyerbeer on racial grounds, whilst Mendelssohn and Schumann denounced Meyerbeer's streak of healthy vulgarity, although the usually squeamish Chopin revered him.
En Paris tambien se relaciono con los musicos Berlioz, Liszt, Meyerbeer y Bellini, los escritores Heine y Balzac y el pintor Delacroix.
He discusses aspects of the creative careers of Szymanowski, Meyerbeer and Rachmaninov.
TOMORROW Coventry Youth Orchestra, conductor Brian Chappell, soloist Eleanor Percy - Meyerbeer, Dvorak, Bruch: All Saints Parish Church, The Parade, Leamington, 7.
To provide balance at the 2010 Ring Festival, Antonovich called on LA Opera officials to re-evaluate and rearrange the festival's programming to eliminate the focus on Wagner and incorporate other composers such as Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Schubert, Schumann, Meyerbeer, Mendelssohn and others.
He condemned the operas (smash-hits at the time) of Giacomo Meyerbeer as "frigid and heartless.
Thus, we read of Elisa-Rachel Felix who proved a brilliant tragic actress in roles from Racine, while Giacomo Meyerbeer produced lavish historical operas of great popularity.
Other popular family hostels with customer ratings of 80 per cent or more include the Hostel Meyerbeer Beach in Nice (from EUR40 per night), the Lybeer Travellers Hostel, Bruges (from EUR35), and the Stayokay Vondelpark, Amsterdam (from EUR30).
of Salzburg; and the Maryville Institute of Birmingham, UK) and Pellegrini (Italian literature and history, Giulio Riva College) provide researchers a comprehensive list of primary and secondary works from Mayerbeer's correspondence and diaries to materials from the Meyerbeer and Scribe Archives,general studies of his life and work (including his fan club web site) and family materials on his ancestry and life as a German Jew.
He soon befriended the most renowned artists in the city, including Musset, Gautier, Hugo, Sand, Berlioz, and Meyerbeer, and his own work was praised by prominent critics such as Philarete Chasles and Nerval, who, in an issue of the Revue des deux mondes (July 1848), flatteringly portrayed Heine as "un Voltaire pittoresque et sentimental, un sceptique du xviiie siecle, argente par les doux rayons bleus du clair de lune allemand.
In particular, the article concentrates on comparison with the treatment of similar issues in a number of pertinent grand operas from the same period by Meyerbeer himself, Verdi, and the Brazilian Antonio Carlos Gomes.