Mexican standoff

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a situation in which no one can emerge as a clear winner

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Game theory assumes that in a Mexican standoff, the parties die because they cannot see beyond self-interest.
Strictly speaking, Mexican Standoff has a script and a score, but improvisation is written into both.
Is this a Mexican standoff here or is there another decision that can be made?
But while the spaghetti Western maestro's influence is unmistakable in "Exiled's" long-wait takes, cigar-chomping gunslingers and Mexican standoff compositions, To quickly incorporates all that into his own urban, kinetic and bloodily beautiful view of the underworld.
Now there's a Mexican standoff which is disappointing because they have pointed the finger at me.
It's like a Mexican standoff at the moment, and I've no doubt there'll be phone calls already from Marseille, who confirmed at the weekend that they want the Frenchman.
Drummer Richard, who the band call 'Jupp', already has a three-year-old son Dylan, who appears on the new album on the track A Mexican Standoff, laughing hysterically.
Overall, the album has a nostalgic and reflective feel - peaceful and almost lethargic at times - but then the bass-driven Mexican Standoff kicks in and Elbow edge to the unimaginable brink of hard rock.
Vance had led a dangerous, dismounted patrol on December 20, which had led to a weapons cocked Mexican standoff with a Croatian infantry company.
It's a Mexican standoff," Rick Paterson, analyst with UBS Warburg, said in a report.
Tony Foster, UK equities investment director at Scottish Widows Investment Partnership, plays down talk of a Mexican standoff, but states: "The hoard will try to get the best value for shareholders--it's their fiduciary duty.
So if this is a chicken-and-egg situation in which the media culture and the population that devours it are sort of waiting in a Mexican standoff for the other to do the better thing, we'll get nowhere.
It's a Mexican standoff," says Siobhan Manning, emerging markets analyst at PaineWebber.
Un ambiente de tension: a mexican standoff, un estancamiento, un punto muerto, una situacion de jaque en el tablero.