Mexican standoff

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a situation in which no one can emerge as a clear winner

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two made the Gareth Very often it becomes a sort of Mexican stand-off until the last day or so of the transfer window
In a matter of minutes, the Koreans are waving guns and grenades at each other in a Mexican stand-off that lasts all night and ends the next morning when the village store is blown up.
TALE OF THE TAPE FRAMPTON SANTA CRUZ 29 27 AGE 22 33 BOUTS 22 32 WINS 0 0 LOSSES 14 18 KOs 0 1 DRAWS 64% 55% KO % 5'5 5'7 HEIGHT 62' 70' REACH MEXICAN STAND-OFF Mexican Leo Santa Cruz and Belfast hero Carl Frampton head to head last night after weigh-in
A budget-busting cast, divided into gangsters, a gang of Irish likely lads and Tony's Scouse crew, with Danny Carmichael's mysterious fixer, Silk, floating between them, inject plenty of energy into a script which swerves between inspired and childishly silly, and keep the action tick-tocking happily along towards a final, hectic Mexican stand-off.
However, Allan is involved in a Mexican stand-off with his Tayside paymasters and has already faced the wrath of gaffer Peter Houston over his contract demands with his current deal up next summer.
There has been a Mexican stand-off but I think Kirklees has seen sense.
With China at the same time diversifying its foreign exchange reserves away from the dollar, while making only lukewarm noises in support of American debt, the image of a Mexican stand-off where nobody can win comes to mind.
It is almost like a Mexican stand-off with people waiting to see what everyone else does.
Barely two months after emerging from bankruptcy, Chrysler's new shareholders may be gearing up for a Mexican stand-off and an important test of how union ownership will affect the carmaker.
However, Ulster Unionist leader Sir Reg Empey observed that there appeared to be a Mexican stand-off between the DUP and Sinn Fein over who would move first.
The last thing you want is some kind of Mexican stand-off where everybody is waiting for everybody else's next move.
And the less said about a scene where Knightly offers to do a lap dance to help defuse a Mexican stand-off between bounty hunters and gang members the better.
Nita, Toso and friends could soon find themselves in a Mexican stand-off with the Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Co.
Are they all to be thought of as tradeable packages of bits and bobs to be subjected to the great post-election Mexican stand-off.