Tagetes erecta

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a stout branching annual with large yellow to orange flower heads

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The farmer can also plant the Mexican marigold close to other plants in the garden.
I couldn't find anything on the menu that didn't sound delicious but I eventually opted for crispy Brownsea Island rock oysters, Purbeck cider cured Portland brill and south coast hake with Dorset cockles followed by Mexican marigold and kaffir lime Swiss roll.
Mexican marigold can play an important role in food preservation, food preparation and as an excellent food spice.
Effect of planting date and plant spacing on growth, yield and essential oil of Mexican marigold (Tagetes lucida L.
A few deer resistant plants Flower Species Species Approximate Size Reason for Repel Mexican Marigold 20-inches Aromatic/Toxic Black-eyed Susan 2-feet Aromatic Bird of Paradise 5-feet Unknown California Poppy 1-foot Toxic Corn Poppy 2-5 feet Toxic Calla Lily 2-feet Burns Mouth Zinnia 6-8 inches Unknown Common Sunflower 5-foot Coarse Foliage Note: Deer will readily eat and love sunflower seeds after they have ripened.
Mexican marigolds (called zempascuchitl) and cock's comb are the flowers most associated with the Days of the Dead.