Mexican hat

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coneflower with flower heads resembling a Mexican hat with a tall red-brown disk and drooping yellow or yellow and red-brown rays

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Blues coach Dai Young added: 'We are calling him Pedro Robinson and we've bought him a Mexican hat.
Tybalt much preferred his class when Amelia was an Indian princess and Hero wants to marry Elis in his great big Mexican hat.
Noticeable on Friday was a hugely impressive Mexican hat worn by one lady that would have turned just as many heads at Royal Ascot.
Typical plants: Buffalograss lawns, Rabbitbrush, Mexican Hat Coneflower
That one is painted in the same vivid green as the Mexican Hat.
A distorted version of the Mexican hat dance became a recurring motif.
She hails from the southeastern Utah town of Mexican Hat on the San Juan River.
This "act" replaces an earlier one, the Mexican Hat Dance.
In addition, the Company's portfolio includes a 36% interest in Auracle Resources, which is exploring the Mexican Hat property in Arizona and an exclusive right and option to earn a 60% interest in Lincoln Mining's Oro Cruz (California) and La Bufa (Mexico) gold projects.
Some of the more imaginative attire included an award-winning Mexican hat made entirely from Mini Cheddars worn by model Sarah Morris, 20, from Manchester.
50 (280m): Oor Katie (4), Mexican Hat (4), Brian Lee (3), Hawk Queen (3), Horny Babe (3), Fusion (Scr).
Angry under-graduates have now threatened to boycott the Guild of Students over the Mexican hat stance.
Getting dance lovers in the mood for show-time will be workshops on Egyptian Arts & Heritage Association Belly Dance, focusing on classical movement and showing how to intuitively become part of the music; Mexican Jalisco Dance, teaching the foot-tapping and stomping Mexican Hat Dance which traditionally symbolises man's courtship of a woman; Peruvian Dance, teaching steps of the Andes sharp-turning festival dance, the Huayno; and Ukrainian Dance which is all about precise choreography plus heel-toe polka techniques.
Whether they brought their own hats is unclear but we bet they danced the Mexican Hat - remember that tune?