Mexican green

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a particularly potent variety of marijuana

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In alliance with the Mexican Green Environmental Party, the PRI won its first elected office in Mexico City since 1994.
With the Mexican green, white and red flags waving, thousands are expected to convene in front of City Hall tonight for the annual ``El Grito'' marking Mexico's independence from Spain.
Tomatillos are also known as Mexican Green Tomatoes.
In a year-end interview with Caras, Jorge Emilio Gonzalez Martinez, the young president of the Mexican Green Party who was recently involved in a corruption scandal, was portrayed in his bathrobe, eating a salad on his elegant bed, and wearing a swimming suit in what appears to be a pool in his home.
Louis Favorite Salad with lettuces, artichokes, onion, and more; New Mexican Green Chile Pinwheels, and Oklahoma Pecan Pie.
On April 25, Mexico's Congress approved a bill presented by the Mexican Green Party (PVEM) for a new Law for the Prevention and Integral Management of Waste.
Customers can take their pick of Mexican green headless shrimp (a generic term for raw, shell-on headless varieties usually packed in 5-pound or 2-kg.