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the capital and largest city of Mexico is a political and cultural and commercial and industrial center

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That knowledge, along with the use of better technologies and materials, has greatly reduced the potential for the type of devastation that the Mexican capital experienced 30 years ago.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Power outages hit the Mexican capital of Mexico City on Sunday after an earthquake struck the center of the country, officials said.
Among those who filed the complaint are the NAACP, the Texas Civil Rights Project and the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program, which is funded by and represents Mexico in cases where its foreign nationals face capital murder charges in the U.
4 million monument was only unveiled now in a park of the sprawling Mexican capital, well after Calderon left office.
The people of the multi-cultural cosmopolitan Mexican capital of Mexico City, home to some 20 million people, have embraced coffee drinking like never before.
Carrying a Banamex-branded credit card could be considered cool in the Mexican capital.
In a boost to UK-Mexico trade links, Aeromexico will begin flights between Heathrow and the Mexican capital on December 15.
After reading a travel article about a pulqueria Renaissance, the Tierneys ventured to the Mexican capital to visit pulque bars and taste the street food that would form the basis of their concept's menu.
However, they said it was being blown to the east-northeast away from the Mexican capital.
The band have two more gigs lined up in the Mexican capital over the weekend as part of their 360 Tour.
THE recent opening of the Westin Santa Fe, Mexico City marked a return for the Starwood brand to the Mexican capital.
But Limond has nothing but appreciation for the way he's been treated since he arrived in the Mexican capital.
Wearing a green polo shirt and jeans, the man nicknamed "La Barbie" for his fair complexion smiled as officials discussed his capture near the Mexican capital on Monday.
embassy in the Mexican capital, the Herald reported.
Sherwood came first in the world tour's first stop in the Mexican capital, his first participation in a Red Bull X-fighters competition.