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the capital and largest city of Mexico is a political and cultural and commercial and industrial center

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Of about 300 major hotels in the Mexican capital, only seven sustained any sort of structural damage, and another 15 required an inspection.
The Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Luis Videgaray, today presented to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) the main theme of the 47th General Assembly of the Organization to be held in the Mexican capital from June 19-21: "Strengthening Dialogue and Concertation for Prosperity.
This restaurant serves Traditional Mexican Cuisine, the Beautiful Atmosphere takes its patrons to the Mexican Capital City .
The Council will meet for a second day on Tuesday to discuss the measures ahead of FIFA's Congress in the Mexican capital on Thursday and Friday.
Flights from Dubai to the Mexican capital would be possible with Boeing Co.
His writing on typhus epidemics, the Indian subcontinent and its influence on Mexico, and his portrait of the city in 1919 are without parallel and can be very useful to scholars of these subjects, whereas his understanding of what he calls "the Brown Atlantis," an attempt to reflect upon the image foreign photographers made of the Mexican capital, is open to debate.
With these new services and the fourth and fifth weekly service from Merida to Miami, which begins in November and December respectively, Aeromexico will offer a total of 48 weekly flights from the Mexican capital city to the state of Florida in the United States, with close to 6,000 seats per week between those destinations.
More people in the Mexican capital have searched online for The Beatles than in any other city in the world.
28 July 2014 - Panama-based financial services group Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior SA (NYSE: BLX) said it has launched its second issuance of "certificados bursatiles" in the amount of MXN 2bn in the Mexican capital markets.
Channel 44, a national digital television, was awarded for $3 million to the Mexican capital company TV Azteca.
8 on the Richter scale hit south of the Mexican Capital early Sunday.
Among those who filed the complaint are the NAACP, the Texas Civil Rights Project and the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program, which is funded by and represents Mexico in cases where its foreign nationals face capital murder charges in the U.
The residents of the Mexican capital were indignant at the fact that the monument
Carrying a Banamex-branded credit card could be considered cool in the Mexican capital.
In 2004 Nexxus Capital, a private fund that manages Mexican capital, acquired 30% of Genomma Lab Internacional.