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Now taws merely require that mining companies are incorporated under the laws of Mexico and that their corporate purposes include the exploration or exploitation of minerals and their corporate domicile be within the Mexican Republic.
The control system will integrate nearly 1,596 miles of pipeline, representing 19% of the total length of the national network spanning eight sectors of the Mexican Republic.
Somewhat ironically, the strongest proponents of retaining the low-caste designation were "Indian" parishioners themselves, who as constitutionally full and equal citizens of the Mexican Republic faced higher fees for sacraments and stricter consanguinity regulations for marriage than they did under the tiered ecclesial system of New Spain.
The airline will allow all ticketed passengers who hold reservations between now and 31 January 2006 the opportunity to re-book flights to any other Mexicana destination within the Mexican Republic, waiving all customary reissue fees, charging only the fare difference, if applicable, provided clients contact the airline prior to 15 November.
TRADITIONALLY, during the V National Address, the president of the Mexican Republic discussed the successes of his government, the imposing public works and the profound modern transformations achieved in the country under his command.
Its governance has changed hands seven times, with the reins of power alternately held by Colonial Spain, Pueblo Indians, a neophyte Mexican Republic, the American Confederacy and, of course, the United States.
In the 1970's, a legislator for the party proposed legislation to rename the country to Republica Mexicana, or Mexican Republic.
According to Jesus Navarrete, a leader of Mexico's other electrical workers union, the Sole Union of Electrical Workers of the Mexican Republic (SUTERM), almost all new government construction of power plants halted after 1992; private construction, meanwhile, surged ahead.
Over a five-year period, they visited every state in the Mexican Republic, absorbing the individual regional flavors.
Under then-general secretary Rafael Galvan, the union for workers at the FEC, the Sole Union for Electrical Workers of the Mexican Republic (SUTERM), led the movement to democratize the country's unions two decades ago.
In her introduction, Beatriz de Alba-Koch questions the tendency of critics and writers to reconstruct Fernandez de Lizardi as a foundational figure in a genealogy of liberal nationalist authors who established the intellectual framework for the nineteenth-century Mexican republic, seen as having been constituted through a dynamic of rupture with the colonial past (1-3).
citizens rather than "preserve the character of citizens of the Mexican Republic.
Chiapas is among the poorest - and in many ways the poorest, of the states in the Mexican Republic.
In contrast to the Boys' Own imperialism of Cook and Rennell, the Cambridge Romanticist Nigel Leask writes of Fanny Calderon de la Barca, the daughter of a wealthy Edinburgh Whig lawyer who married the first Spanish ambassador to the new Mexican republic.