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small yellow-green limes of southern Florida

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During this boom of the 'green gold,' producers of Mexican limes were the ones who benefited the least," said the columnist.
At Range, for example, Waugh likes key limes or Mexican limes because their tiny size makes for fun slices.
Papaya, mango, Mexican limes, tuna fruit, Mandarin oranges, Mexican avocados, tomatillos, plum tomatoes, cilantro, epazote, huazontle, romeritos, serrano chiles, jalapeno chiles, poblano chiles, every kind of dried chile under the sun, Abuelita chocolate, Dona Maria mole poblano and mole verde, cajeta, canned nopalitos, and the list goes on.
In addition, Key limes or Mexican limes are often considered preferable to the thick- and slightly bitter-skinned Persian limes most bars use, but are smaller and often yield less juice per lime.