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As late as 1812 Metternich was opposed to this, thinking that a restoration of monarchy would be too destabilizing for a now thoroughly republican French society.
To paraphrase a French journalist Vincent d'Equville "Prince Metternich could say, in 1815, the Congress of Vienna .
As Prince Metternich made clear, he was striving to create "a dam to resist the torrent of revolutions.
Baizac laments that "government by the masses" is the only irresponsible form of government, under which tyranny is unlimited, for it calls itself law," and Klemens von Metternich lambastes democracy as "a principle of dissolution.
Because he was very short in stature, Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss was known--not affectionately--as "Millimeter" a cognomen based on "Millimetternich," a not flattering reminder of the former Imperial Chancellor Clemens von Metternich.
German statesman Prince Klemens von Metternich apparently understood money but refused to explain it to anyone.
The Obama administration thus needs to think geostrategically in Syria; more Metternich than Wilson.
refrains from accusing Schubert of composing intentionally mediocre music, but nonetheless considers it plausible that some of the striking aspects of the work "could have come about not just from inexperience but because Schubert and Schober were using the opera to vent their rage at Metternich 's policies" (p.
It does not need a Metternich, Nietzsche, Talleyrand or a Huntington to tell us that both these concepts (and hence these two countries) deep down (AND axiomatically
In 1832, the Prince von Metternich asked his personal chef to quickly knock up a new dessert for some honoured guests.
It was not only the language that was at stake: a famous, but apocryphal, sentence by the Chancellor of the Habsburg Empire Klemens von Metternich stated that Italy was no more than a geographical expression (Brunetti).
The quote is known to originate with Prince Metternich, who reportedly said that the Balkans begin at the Rennweg a a main road towards the South-East, which indeed starts at the Ringstrasse.
Kissinger's forte has been realpolitik, and he has a great deal to answer for many of his policies, though he has seen himself as a Metternich whose job is to keep order in a world that is coming apart.
4) Somewhat later, in 1747, Frederick II set up a temporary training center to prepare, in this case, non-nobles for lower level diplomatic posts and, later still, an academy was set up at Strasbourg, directed by Carl Adam Koch, which numbered among its members Talleyrand, Metternich, and Benjamin Constant.
Metternich previously held executive positions at Novartis, Schering AG and Merck & Co.