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Synonyms for metric

a function of a topological space that gives, for any two points in the space, a value equal to the distance between them

a decimal unit of measurement of the metric system (based on meters and kilograms and seconds)

based on the meter as a standard of measurement


the rhythmic arrangement of syllables

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The metrical structure of music can be used as an additional tool to promote movement.
The first line in all examples is from the metrically restored text provided in van Nooten and Holland 1994, with the corresponding metrical structure.
The findings of the study indeed showed a strong relationship between the ability to perceive metrical structure in music and learning to read.
Nevertheless, even if JerLib is not the play staged in 1622-23 in the "cuarto de la Reina," its legitimacy within Enriquez's canon is highly doubtful based on its metrical structure alone.
These authors organize musical intuitions into four hierarchical dimensions: grouping structure, metrical structure, time-span reduction, and prolongational reduction.
Hence, gradation complements the class information cued by metrical structure, much like other class-specific patterns.
In order to show how syllabic considerations affect the metrical structure of Isbukun, this section will first present an overview of Isbukun phonemes and syllables (Section 2.
The metre and bar structures of Sharp's notated version remain largely unchanged in Fairport Convention's recording of the song, and the drum kit arrangement supports the melody and follows the notated metrical structure while providing a constant pulse and maintaining an authentic rock music context.
The Pindaric Ode was increasingly regarded as the most poetic of poetic forms in that its metrical structure obeyed the emotional logic of the speaker, not the demands of a fixed form.
My primary reason for doing so is that it reflects an important nuance of Angelo's metrical structure.
Modern poetry needs explication, and its metrical structure is often anyone's guess, and it emerged at the moment when the explication of vernacular poetry became a profession.
One reason for this is the premise of the entire project, stated at the outset: "If we assume that harmony, metrical structure, and the like are real and important factors in musical listening, then listening must involve extracting this information from the incoming notes.
He writes: "Many of the day-to-day tasks which people carry out in the countryside have poetry associated with them in the form of work songs, each type with its own metrical structure and associated tunes.
All are in rhyme with a definite metrical structure and various stanzaic forms.
Focusing on the intertextual semantics of overall metrical structure, Wachtel skimps somewhat on other dimensions of metrical semantics, the relations of form to meaning within a poem.