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Synonyms for metric

a function of a topological space that gives, for any two points in the space, a value equal to the distance between them

a decimal unit of measurement of the metric system (based on meters and kilograms and seconds)

based on the meter as a standard of measurement


the rhythmic arrangement of syllables

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The first line in all examples is from the metrically restored text provided in van Nooten and Holland 1994, with the corresponding metrical structure.
The findings of the study indeed showed a strong relationship between the ability to perceive metrical structure in music and learning to read.
Nevertheless, even if JerLib is not the play staged in 1622-23 in the "cuarto de la Reina," its legitimacy within Enriquez's canon is highly doubtful based on its metrical structure alone.
The diagnostic value of these forms is complemented by the metrical structure of genitive singular forms.
The syllabic influence on metrical structure in Isbukun contrasts with the case of Takituduh Bunun, in which metrical influence on syllabification is observed.
By rearranging bar structures in the drum arrangement, the drummer is able to play in 4/4 for the majority of the stanza, despite the irregular metrical structure played by the rest of the band, thus maintaining an authentic reggae feel (Figure 9).
All are in rhyme with a definite metrical structure and various stanzaic forms.
However, in our special case, the requirement implies some nontrivial problems: (a) examining the topological structure of the SC variety, (b) constructing a topological or metrical structure on the FSB variety, and (c) matching dimensionality of correlated domains.
The phrase delitias pedibus claudere is a double entendre: it can refer to the tight metrical structure of poetry, as opposed to the sermo solutus of prose.
Metrical structure in the shipboard compositions, as elsewhere, avails a framework for feeling at home in a poem, whether one recognizes the specific referent--here Hood's poem, which itself echoes Tennyson's 1842 "Break, Break, Break"--or not.
General Properties of Stress and Metrical Structure.
Further below, it will be shown that such a general formulation of *LAPSE is inadequate for Tohono O'odham; the appropriate antilapse constraint must invoke metrical structure, as stated in (20) below.
Unlike Zahn's anthology, which presents the melodies according to the metrical structure of their associated texts, the DKL presents them in chronological sequence.