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the basic unit of length adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites (approximately 1

rhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration


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These are mistranslations in the sense that they conform neither to the sound patterns of the original poems nor to the metrical forms prevailing in the target culture.
In similar terms, Previsic describes the development of Holderlin's Eigenrythmus--rhythm coming into its own--as a hesperische Bewegung, toward and away from classical metrical forms.
Attridge 1982) the metrical form is molded to the rhythmic form, rather than being distinct from it.
inherent in former metrical forms (it indicates a historical shift away
Second, without a thematic partner, these few syllables look no different from the metrical form in the remainder of the line and, indeed, the rest of the motto.
The subject of Chapter 5 is, strictly speaking, not a metrical form but a graphic device: the 'staircase' (lesenka) lines characteristic of the later poetry of Vladimir Maiakovskii.
The Nachleben of a much better-known romance, Sir Bevis of Hampton, is the subject of Jennifer Fellows's fascinating contribution: she traces the many printed editions through the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries (amazingly, it continued to be printed in metrical form until 1711).
As Attridge sums up, five-beat "is the only simple metrical form .
Yet strict metrical form, which Woodall dismisses as "a physiological necessity," was for Borges a stimulant and a mystery.
19 has a metrical form which is quite peculiar and anomalous if compared either with hemiambics or with anaclastic ionic dimeters (anacreontics), i.
Compared to the two previous ones, this approach's faithfulness to the original metrical form is greater.
From the Canadian prairies came an englyn, that Welsh four-line alliterative stanza, the oldest metrical form in the language.
For example, he delights in writing iambic trimeter -- a metrical form favored by Yeats, Allen Tate, and Anthony Hecht, among others -- and a few poems in that meter turn up in the earliest section of the new Collected Poems.
Similarly, the Swahili meter is unique and not derived from any other metrical form, certainly not from Arabic or Persian, as indeed Prof.
Behind this book seems to lie a belief in `a body of folk-wisdom, not yet in metrical form, a body which can be sensed as a living, pulsing, gnomic background to all Germanic poetry' (p.