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a drug used as a circulatory and respiratory stimulant

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Zelda is a tragic figure, her death is an unsolved mystery, and Highland is a perfect setting for lust among the lost with the horrors of Metrazol giving it a Gothic edge.
Bennett introduced curare into clinical practice in 1940 in convulsive therapy practice in order to prevent injuries from unmodified seizures that had been induced with metrazol (pentamethylenetetrazol) (4).
Ya a finales de los anos treinta el uso de las tecnicas convulsivas (basadas en el uso del metrazol o cardiazol y la insulina), y luego de los electrochoques, llevo a que el personal del Psiquiatrico se mostrase orgulloso con sus "exitos curativos" (Junta de Proteccion Social, 1944: 78).
The effect of metrazol on the susceptibility of rats to sound-induced seizures.
He first used potentially toxic camphorated oil injections, and later tried pentylenetetrazol, commercially known as either Cardiazol or Metrazol, but neither succeeded.
Quinn Rossander, from the Delaware Mental Health Consumer Coalition, later wrote that from that point on: "Electric shock treatment quickly replaced insulin and Metrazol as the favourite form of shock treatment, and became the most effective method of controlling troublesome asylum inmates.