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an alien who paid a fee to reside in an ancient Greek city

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Meyer argues that an increasingly pro-metic atmosphere resulted in measures being taken to discourage frivolous lawsuits accusing metics of failing to pay this tax, and that it is by metic victories in these legal procedures, rather than legal processes associated with emancipation, that the phialai were generated.
The Greeks also utilized non-citizen metics to fill their hoplite ranks, according to A.
The Athenians had their metics, who could almost never become citizens and vote, but served in the army, paid taxes, and were protected by the city laws.
They arrived on a double-decker London bus carrying hazardous household chemicals and cos- metics before yesterday's debate.
It's especially important you use natural products on your skin because they can stay there all day,' says Merri Ma metics company Gloucestershire.
KSR also caters for companies in the cos- metics, environmental, food sciences, medical, clinical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors.
In ancient Greece, for example, it was metics, largely foreigners, who drove the marketplace economy disdained by most well-born Greeks.
Aristotle assumes that some of the noncitizens will be metics or resident aliens, who will not even expect to form part of the political community.
Such a process manifested itself through a variety of words: metics began to be used for alien merchants and it is derived from the root word for both "intermediary" and for "change"; limen which began to be used for the ancient marketplace but also meant "threshold" and gave rise to "limitation"; horkus or oath was itself etymologically derived from the word for fence or enclosure.