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an alien who paid a fee to reside in an ancient Greek city

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3) uses the following example: "Diognides and Antidorus the metic are subject to an eisangelia prosecution on a charge of hiring out female pipers at a higher price than that fixed by law.
9) These are people of various backgrounds including metics, democrats, Athenian aristocrats, and foreigners, who, more or less, share the same cultural bonds.
Another key metics we must concern about is the tracking error, which directly reflects the efficiency of a tracking strategy.
In "The Promise and Peril of Metic Intimacy," Detloff argues that modern metics, like their ancient counterparts, occupy a tenuous and liminal position that vacillates between belonging and unbelonging, and through a reading of several novels and a film by Kureishi highlights the manner in which this modern-day author offers a vision of"the potential of a non-heteronormative future for the multiethnic metropolis" that is present-day London.
Metics and the Athenian Phialai-inscriptions; a study in Athenian epigraphy and law.
She reads these "queer" women writers as metics (1)--outsiders within their culture, in their case due to a "gendered sense of un-belonging" (7), who are uniquely positioned to establish connections across borders during times of bloodshed and imperial disintegration.
Lakof (1) observes that not only women but also slaves and metics were barred from participating in the Greek democracy.
The Greeks also utilized non-citizen metics to fill their hoplite ranks, according to A.
The Athenians had their metics, who could almost never become citizens and vote, but served in the army, paid taxes, and were protected by the city laws.
En el mundo posmoderno y cosmopolita que nos toca vivir en la actualidad, todos somos, como diria el antropologo Levi-Strauss (13), metics (palabra griega que significa extrano).
or uninscribed objects, as well as those for which only the first name of the dedicant is recorded, are dedications by Athenian citizens, not slaves or metics (Aleshire 1992).
They arrived on a double-decker London bus carrying hazardous household chemicals and cos- metics before yesterday's debate.
Women, like slaves, might have been disabled by the law, but "the many cases that record struggles between heirs show clearly that in their relations with women--citizens, metics, slaves--men had no doubt that they were dealing with the same sort of person as themselves" (203).
It's especially important you use natural products on your skin because they can stay there all day,' says Merri Ma metics company Gloucestershire.
KSR also caters for companies in the cos- metics, environmental, food sciences, medical, clinical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors.