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(Old Testament) a patriarch (grandfather of Noah) who is said to have lived 969 years

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We are grateful to the Methuselah Foundation for their generous gift that gives those working towards significant breakthroughs in organ bioprinting an opportunity to use the NovoGen bioprinter and enable greater access to Organovo's powerful platform.
Methuselah gives Noah a seed from the Garden of Eden av and up sprouts a forest providing timber for an ark.
Now, newly refined observations have rounded the initial Methuselah figure down to 14.
This will be the last chance in your lifetime to see the phenomenon, unless your name is Methuselah.
This refers to "What's the point" by Methuselah (GDN, January 17), about the new sirens.
When Methuselah enters her life, it gets turned upside down.
Well, our priest told us that Methuselah grew to be nine hundred and sixty-nine years old.
round of golf with Beelzebub, perhaps a foursome with Methuselah and
Which, as Methuselah admits in Genesis 5:27, "is kind of a bitch.
Cooney, an epigenetics expert at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, is entering the competition to win the Methuselah Mouse Prize (Mprize).
And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begot Methuselah.
Yes, they said, we are willing to believe that Methuselah lived nine hundred years and that God created the universe in seven days before there was a sun and an Earth to define the length of a "day.
Those versed in Old Testament trivia are quick to point out that the world's oldest man, Methuselah, took 969 years to give up the ghost.
Asbestos in the human lung causes a variety of horrors: lung scarring and disease, for one, which finally did in my dad at 79, a true Methuselah among asbestos workers (who almost never make it that long).
The Golem, Methuselah, & Shylock by Edward Einhorn is an pleasant embodiment of the three delightful plays that won the playwright his first recognition and shed some positive light onto the Jewish Community.