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(Old Testament) a patriarch (grandfather of Noah) who is said to have lived 969 years

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In "The Methuselah Effect: The Pernicious Impact of Unreported Deaths on Old Age Mortality Estimates" (NBER Working Paper No.
Buyer advisor: Methuselah Advisors , Simpson Thacher and Bartlett ,
A male of its sub-species, it was nicknamed Methuselah after the longest-lived person in the Bible.
The Methuselah Foundation is donating at least $500,000 in direct funding to be divided among several institutions for Organovo bioprinter research projects.
NASA, in partnership with the nonprofit Methuselah Foundations New Organ Alliance, is seeking ways to advance the field of bioengineering through a new prize competition.
Biology company Organovo Holdings (NYSE MKT:ONVO) announced on Monday that it has entered into an agreement to develop 3D bioprinted tissues for skeletal disease research in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) under the Methuselah Foundation's ongoing University 3D Bioprinter Programme.
com)-- The humorous science fiction adventure, "Ole Doc Methuselah," will be performed this coming Saturday, February 6, at the L.
The membership interest of Methuselah Capital Partners, L.
Books are not immortal, and though under the most favorable circumstances they may outlive Methuselah many times over, they are subject to chances and changes as serious as those that overtake the men who created them.
One of the earliest characters in this group is Methuselah (MATUSALE) and the group is now named after his creator, the 'Methuselah Master.
Now the cynics may declare that Mike Ashley will look like Methuselah by the time he gets his crock of gold as United last won a meaningful trophy 46 long, barren years ago.
Researchers, with the support of Life Extension Foundation[R] and the Methuselah Foundation, recently charted the genome of the bowhead whale--which is most likely the longest-living mammal on the planet.
De Grey is the founder of Methuselah Foundation and the SENS Research Foundation.
A visit to the mountainous lair of Noah's grandfather Methuselah (Sir Anthony Hopkins) confirms the dire prediction and Noah accepts his task to build an ark capable of temporarily housing one pair of "all that creeps, all that crawls, all that slithers".
Perhaps that's why this dim point of light--this so-called Methuselah Star--is really worth seeking out.